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Major Leagues


The Warner Companies Sports Management Team provides expert negotiation of baseball contracts, including draft bonuses, overseas contracts, minor league and major league contracts, salary, arbitration settlements and ultimately free agency. The Warner Companies Sports Management Team brings over 100 years of combined experience to these very important negotiations.



The Warner Companies Sports Management Team has over 50 years of combined arbitration experience. Major league players with three (3) to six (6) years major league service are generally eligible for salary arbitration. It is important that you are represented by competent and well-prepared professionals in this specialized area of salary negotiations as the initial process can affect the salary you are paid for the rest of your career. Throughout the arbitration process, we work with arbitration experts, including attorney Jay Reisinger, and the MLBPA in order to have an all-inclusive proposal to the team. We ensure that each of our clients has a full comprehensive arbitration experience in order to maximize your earnings.


Free Agency

The Warner Companies Sports Management Team will work with you to develop long term goals to place you in the best position for success moving forward. Factors including market conditions, financial stability, family situation, geographic preference and off-field opportunities all need to be considered when the right of free agency is earned.


Overseas Placement

The Warner Companies Sports Management Team has relationships with the front offices of foreign leagues’ teams, including in Nippon Professional Baseball (Japan) and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). We have negotiated multiple multi-million dollar deals for clients playing in overseas leagues.


Player/Club Relations

In-season or during the off-season, situations arise when you need to speak with a club representative. While you maximize your effort to perform on-the-field, we will work behind-the-scenes to handle all off-the-field matters professionally and efficiently. Our experienced team has developed relationships with all MLB teams’ front offices, player development offices, human resources departments, accounting/payroll departments, social media teams, and many more.