401(k) Programs

In addition to core benefit programs, 401(k) plans are becoming a requirement of companies wishing to attract and retain valuable employees. With volatile investment markets and ever-changing legislation, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to offer these plans without frustration, anxiety and an excessive administrative burden.

We assist in the design and implementation of retirement strategies that meet the needs of businesses, their owners, and employees. Through our Registered Investment Advisor and selected Third Party partners firms, we provide fiduciary services, objective investment selection and advice customized to meet the requirements of each client.

We work with multiple investment platforms, which offer a daily valuation platform for 401(k) and Defined Contribution Plans, toll-free telephone and Internet access. Our state of the art online technology enables participants to:

  • Access their retirement accounts 24/7/365
  • Execute transactions using various methods
  • Obtain fund pricing and performance information
  • Review fund detail provided by Morningstar

Based on the size and needs of your plan and its participants, we make recommendations as to appropriate investment vehicles. These recommendations are then monitored and altered as necessary based on our proprietary manager screening system. Self-directed brokerage accounts are available on some platforms, providing investment flexibility.

Communication and education are the heart of a strong retirement plan. We provide clearly written and attractive materials that make understanding the plan easy for your employees.  Our enrollment materials are designed to educate your employees about qualified plan basics, such as the benefits of tax-deferral and the power of compound earnings over time. We also provide materials that offer investment guidance about the risk/reward trade-offs of various investments, and basic asset allocation planning. This information can be provided in a mixed media format including print, web and video.

Business Continuity Planning

You want your business to prosper, but changing economic and technological developments warrant continuous assessment of goals and resources. We'll work with your company to create an all-inclusive financial plan along with a benefits and compensation package to satisfy the needs of management and employees without compromising your future plans for growth.

We will also help you develop the most tax efficient exit strategies to help maximize your ultimate proceeds. Whether you are establishing or reviewing a buy-sell agreement, or you are trying to determine the most efficient strategy when selling your business or passing it on to your heirs, we will help you devise a thorough, comprehensive road map to follow.


As a data-driven auditing organization, The Warner Companies leverage disparate data and convert it into actionable information. We are cognizant of the issues that can impact audit results. As a result, we are able to architect audit solutions that make sense for our clients.

Advisory services include:

  • Dependent Eligibility Auditing (Affidavit, Proof, Specialty and Targeted)
  • Employee Eligibility Auditing
  • Working Spouse Auditing
  • Medical Claims Auditing
  • Rx Claims Auditing
  • Stop Loss Auditing
  • Care Management Auditing
  • Disease Management/Wellness Auditing
  • Workers Compensation Auditing

Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions is a risk management strategy delivered through the collaboration of like-minded employers, healthcare providers, health management companies, benefits advisors and technology focused on sustainable health outcomes which will lead to long-term healthcare stability.

The vision is to efficiently align all employer and healthcare provider constituencies to produce better health outcomes by:

  • Keeping the “healthy” healthy
  • Managing emerging risks proactively to stabilize or reduce risk factors
  • Ensuring chronically ill patients have access to quality care
  • Focusing on Care Gap closure
  • Incentivizing employees/spouses to engage
  • Creating a culture of responsibility
  • Uncovering and managing hidden costs through vendor integration and accountability

With the multitude of changes occurring as a result of healthcare reform, The Warner Companies Wellness Solutions work with companies to develop, execute and substantiate the business case that aligning the interests of employers, physicians, hospitals, and individuals through a collaborative solution focused on employee and dependent health management will lead to long-term healthcare sustainability, reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism and higher productivity.

For healthcare providers, with the Federal and commercial push toward reduced re-admission rates, bundled payment plans, reduced reimbursements, and transparency between cost and outcome, providers must develop new revenue streams to remain viable. We will develop and execute the strategy to create this new revenue.