Estate Planning

Although estate and gift taxes may significantly reduce the size of your estate, it is our belief that these taxes may be minimized or even completely eliminated through proper planning. You can't take your wealth with you, but you do want your family and friends to at least be able to hold on to it. Perhaps you also have certain charitable interests you wish to support as well. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and suggest alternative strategies that may allow your heirs to receive your estate largely intact and minimize bureaucratic red tape.

The Warner Companies offers comprehensive  Wealth Transfer plans that objectively  model the economic impact of various alternative courses of action. Our plans integrate the appropriate tax reduction techniques into a coordinated approach that considers a family‚Äôs value system. In managing a transition from wealth creation to wealth preservation
and enjoyment of capital, we consider both complex tax issues along with the family governance and succession
objectives of each client.

While The Warner Companies does not offer estate and tax planning services, we do work closely with our clients' estate and tax planning professionals throughout the process.