Professional Athletes

Affluence rarely happens overnight. Professional athletes, however, can go from minimum wage to a seven-figure income in the time it takes to sign their name. Unfortunately, injuries, trades, or contract negotiations can reduce what is already a limited amount of time to make a living. So in order to make those peak earning years count, athletes must plan their finances wisely and responsibly. Our experience in working with over one hundred professional athletes allows us to understand that sudden fame and money can be intoxicating. Knowing this helps us design plans that allow an athlete to enjoy their new-found life without compromising future needs and goals.

It's no secret that professional athletes have relatively short careers, so planning for the years following your final game is imperative. We will sit down with you and develop a written financial game plan that maps out a comprehensive strategy to adequately address your current lifestyle, by striving to maximize cash flow and minimize current taxes. At the same time, we try to assure that you make the best "life decisions" that provide future wellbeing.